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Premium tool to search through facebook pages by keyword, page name or location. Search facebook, events, users and other data! The best part about this tool is that you can save your search reports and data for later use and download your search results and data. This tool gives you detaled insights about anything you search on FaceBook. e.g. Verified users phone numbers, email addresses and all the details you want.

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Premium tool to manage every aspect of website's SEO. Complete website visitors and SEO analytics tool (built-in easy to understand visitor analytics and tracking), analyzes your website's visitors and any other website's information. Social Network Analysis, Backlinks Analysis, Google Adwords Scraper, Rank & Index Analysis, Domain Analysis, URL shortener, Code Minifier, Keyword Research & Analysis and more.

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SEO Tools

A collection of 50 valuable free SEO tools to boost website rankings. Collection includes 'Backlinks Generator', 'Keyword Position Checker', 'Backlinks Checker', 'Search Engines Ping', 'Malware Checker', 'Link Worth Calculator', 'Webpage screenshot Generator', 'Broken Links Finder', 'SES Simulator', 'Domain and Page Authority Checkers' and more...

Webmaster Tools

Free collection of webmaster tools include 'Whois and DNS lookup', 'Alexa Stats and Social Analytics Checker', 'Indexing and Backlinks Checker', 'Keyword Suggestion Tool' and more.

Website Doctor

Get free report on website health and improvement suggestions! Complete website SEO, performance and quality analysis that you can compare to your competitor or download.

Website Worth Calculator

Calculate estimated worth/value of any website completely free. Based on social ranking, SEO score, share stats and more this is a unique way to compare your website with your competitors.

Up OR Down

Find out if your website is down for everyone or its just you! This tool simply checks your website status by using three different ways and tells you that your website is UP or DOWN.

AdSense Sandbox

Check if certain website is banned and/or can show Google Ads from Google AdSense network or not.

Website Responsiveness Test

Test your website responsiveness against different devices and screen resolutions. This app will show you how your website content appears on different devices. You can also have a fancy screenshot of your website opened on different devices (PC, laptop, tablet and smart phone).